As our name suggests, we are specialists in all things battery related. We will happily perform battery testing free of charge to determine if your vehicle requires a replacement battery. Willow Batteries are manufactured using top quality materials and utilise the latest calcium base technology to increase their lifespan and charge capacity.

We have batteries available for a huge range of cars, motorcycles, industrial equipment and agricultural machinery. To find out more or to arrange a quote on a new battery, contact us today.


If you're in need of any industrial, agricultural or automotive filters, we stock air, fuel and oil filters from many reputable brands. We only stock the best quality products at Willow Batteries to maximise the durability and longevity of all repairs. For more information on our wide range of filters contact us today.

Pressure Washers

At Willow Batteries we also stock a range of Spitwater pressure washers. Spitwater are an Australian manufacturer of top quality high pressure water cleaners which are made in Albury, NSW. Spitwater products are renowned for their quality and reliability, so if you're looking for durable, dependable workshop equipment, you can rely on Spitwater.

As well as their range of pressure washers, Spitwater also manufacture industrial heaters and vacuum cleaners. For more information, or to arrange a quote on any Spitwater product, contact us today.

Oils and Lubricants

For all your oil and lubrication needs, we can supply top quality Valvoline products. We stock a range of oils to suit all automotive and agricultural needs, as well as a range of aerosol cleaners and lubricants. As a global leader in top quality lubricants and oils, you can be confident that we will find the correct Valvoline product to suit your needs.

To enquire about any of our Valvoline products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Washing Products

If you're looking for a top quality washing product suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, we can supply Chemtech RL18. RL18 is a truck wash product that is suitable for use on glass, rubber, aluminium, chrome, vinyl and tarpaulins. It comes in either a 5L or 20L concentrate.

To enquire about any Chemtech products, contact us today.

Mitsuboshi Belts

If you're in need of any industrial, agricultural or automotive belts, we've got you covered with our huge range of Mitsuboshi belts. Mitsuboshi are a Japanese manufacturer of high quality belts and pulleys. We can fit new belts on site or in our workshop.

To enquire about a belt for your vehicle or machinery, contact us today to find out more.